Stiffy the Snowspondy's 50 state strategy

In this 2012 Presidential Campaign, Stiffy the Snowspondy, running on a Fusion ticket,  has vowed to be a candidate with a 50 state strategy. He has promised to visit every single state in this glorious country of ours.  You can check to see if Stiffy has come to your state, by clicking on one of the four zones.  If Stiffy hasn't come to your state and you'd like to become one of his local campaign managers, please contact Stiffy's Senior Campaign Official by email:
See if Stiffy has campaigned in YOUR state! 
Click on the map below which includes your state to view pictures of Stiffy the Snowspondy on the campaign trail!
America's Hurtin'
Stiffy the Snowspondy's
2012 Campaign for President
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